Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cat Love

I'm home from a lovely, relaxing week at my friend's 'cabin' near Yosemite. My computer is all clean, virus-free and happy.

The cats only threw up twice on the carpet I had shampooed two weeks ago, but they left me a half eaten rat to let me know they were sorry, or maybe was it to welcome me home. At least that's how I plan to interpret it. They could just as easily mean, 'leave us again and it will be a disemboweled possum.'

 This link is to a blog post I did for my friend Norma Watkins. She's the author of the prize winning memoir, The Last Resort.

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  1. Comment sent by Caroline Schooley
    When our very elderly Siamese was young & vigorous, he got lots of mice. He brought them home to show off & eat on various rugs, which
    always got him scolded. Being Siamese-smart, he figured out that it was the mess that we objected to, so he came up with a solution.
    He'd jump into the bathtub & eat them there. Easy for his servants - us - to clean up. I swear that we didn't suggest it! We're hot tub
    & shower people, anyway...