Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby chimp adopted

I'm sure some of you have seen these pictures but if you haven't I consider your life incomplete.



This baby chimp, born in a Russian zoo, was taken home to be raised by one of the keepers after its mother died, (or in a different version of the story, she abandoned her infant.) The keeper's mastiff had recently given birth and adopted the baby chimpanzee, too. 

(I will say the world needs another baby chimp born in captivity like it needs a hole in the ozone. . . however these pictures make it a better place.)

B692chimpanzee mastiff dog friends 23 A baby chimpanzee is adopted by a Mastiff dog    Amazing (25 Photos)

Thanks, Chet and Sherri

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  1. So sweet. I wonder if a chimp would do better with a dog than it does with people after it matures. I've read so many sad stories of chimps raised with families in the early 70's, and the chimps couldn't control their violent behavior after a point. They were remorseful after the incidents, and the people were heart-broken, but they had to be caged if they couldn't go into the wild.
    We have a sanctuary in Florida, The Great Ape Retirement Center, for chimps and orangutans that were kept in cages for years after being used in commercials and films. The Center has a website and always needs money, if anyone is interested.