Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jeremy and Geronimo

This letter is from Jeremy's mom. After reading The Outside of a Horse, she took the time to write, and was kind enough to send me this picture of Jeremy and his friend, Geronimo.

"My son, who is 12, and I have read your book. After he read it, we decided to volunteer at one of the horse rescue facilities near our home. I started riding horses when I was 13 and I owned 2 . . . because when I get a horse, I commit to it fully. Jenny, my quarter horse, was euthanized 3 years ago because her arthritis was so severe. She was 24. Because I really have a hard time saying goodbye, I haven't had any more. Your book made me cry so many times. The grief I felt each time I had to say goodbye to my beloved horses came up several times while reading. Your book inspired us to get involved. I thought I was okay with not having horses in my life but after volunteering, I realized that they are and always will be a huge part of my. Thank you for the beautiful story and for the inspiration." Penny in Colorado

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  1. How lovely is the Mother’s story of her life with horses with the picture of her son and his best friend, Geronimo!

    Yesterday feeling an ache to be in a REAL BIG bookstore I stopped in Books a Million (BAM), about three miles from here in Casselberry, FL. It had been quite a while since I was there. To my delight, well organized, good displays and just a down right good feeling.

    I spoke with the manager to find out what books of your’s they had on the shelf . OUTSIDE OF THE HORSE only but when the manager saw you wrote HURT GO HAPPY he remarked about how he loved the book. We talked for a while and it seems BAM does a lot of work with the Orange County and Seminole Schools.

    I believe you have a publicity person who handles your signing speaking reading engagements. If BAM is of interest he seemed to be delighted to work with you for an event early in 2012 (I think that’s your time schedule)/

    HURT GO HAPPY is on FL school’s reading list.

    I told him that you schedule telephone reading sessions with school classes .. he seemed eater to do outreach to the schools .. Mark Rohrbaugh 407-551-2079.

    I did not leave my name but he told me who in BAM to contact to send copies of my self published book(s) in BAM . Amerian Wholesale Book Company .. subsidiary of Books a Million.

    And today I learned that the WAR HORSE that I raved about is being made into a movie to be released around Christmas! On Broadway,it was the Best Play of 2011, coming from London.